Don’t forget your wellies…

whitesands flood

flooding on the Whitesands

We thought we were ready for anything at yesterday’s Burns Fankling workshop – but we hadn’t quite expected the Nith to be all but lapping at the venue’s door.

Fortunately it would take more than a little bit of flooding to stop the Big Burns Supper crew, and we were able to go ahead, with slightly diminished numbers. Mini Fankles, pens, pencils, scissors, glue and scraps of inspiration (courtesy of Luke and John McKay) were all quickly put to use, with soon the only sound in the room being the scratching of pens.

Sally Hinchcliffe and John McKay examine one of the creations

Sally Hinchcliffe and Luke McKay examine one of the creations

Pretty soon every participant, young and old, had struck some source of¬†inspiration and it was all too quickly time to finish up, share what each other had done … and record it for posterity.

Mini Fankles after the event

Mini Fankles after the event

If you’d be interested in attending a Fankle workshop – or having one at an event of your own, then let us know.

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2 Responses to Don’t forget your wellies…

  1. JoAnne McKay says:

    A brilliant afternoon! Thanks to all the partcipants.

  2. sallyhinchcliffe says:

    Reblogged this on Sally Hinchcliffe and commented:

    Just a quick note of yesterday’s Fankle workshop – from the Fankle site

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