The Last Issue

Fankle 28 – the twins issue which we’re sending to Gifhorn – will be our last. We’ve had a fantastic time running the Fankle, read some great stuff, met some brilliant people and even sent a few fledgeling writers on their maiden flights into print (which is an enormous privilege) but our printing costs have gone up to the point where the whole proposition becomes unecomonic.

We’ve never wanted to rely on grants or funding – and have been proud of the fact that after a bit of seed money from Dumfries Writers’ Group and the Crichton Writers, we’ve managed to cover our own costs out of sales, even at the startlingly good value price of 50p. So we have decided – appropriately enough – to fold up rather than attempt to stagger on.

We gave the Fankle a great send off at WagTongues this weekend – thank you to all of you who came along, and thanks also to everyone who has contributed, bought or helped distribute the Fankle over the years. It’s been a blast


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The Fankle Goes International!

We’re still putting together the latest issue (and apologies to everyone who has submitted and is waiting patiently for our response – we’ve had a few hiccups mainly due to lack of mojo on the line) but we must share exciting news – we’re going German!

Water, Pond, Sculpture, Child, Children, Fig, Gifhorn

Image via Pixabay 

As you all undoubtedly know, Dumfries is twinned with Gifhorn in Germany and in June there will be a cultural exchange – taking the work of Dumfries’s writers and artists across the North Sea to Germany. Naturally, this will include issues of the Fankle – including the next issue, a specially produced ‘twinning’ production. We may even be able to have one or two of the pieces translated into German, so it could be your chance to go truly multilingual.

The theme will be ‘twins’ but don’t feel it has to be specifically about Germany or Gifhorn. However our ties with Europe will be much on our minds with the coming referendum, so who knows what may emerge. We’re hoping that whatever it is stops short of a diplomatic incident …

The deadline is the end of April, so get writing. Usual submission guidelines apply

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What’s cooking at the Stove?

Some we prepared earlier ... mini Fankles

Some we prepared earlier … mini Fankles

If you’ve ever wanted to make a mini Fankle of your very own – here’s your chance! We’re going to be joining WagTongues and the Stove for the Switch On – a programme of literary events in the run up to the Christmas Lights switch on in Dumfries on Monday November 30th

Come along at 2pm on Monday for a Fankle Workshop with JoAnne McKay, Hugh Bryden and Sally Hinchcliffe – but that’s not all that’s going on! There’s the Brave New Words open mic night on Friday the 27th, the WagTongues popup bookshop will be running on the Saturday and Monday, with plenty to see and do – more details here.

Our workshop is suitable for all – adults and (supervised) children – and we provide all the materials and a dash of inspiration. With the winter closing in and the weather looking a bit glum, you need a little creativity in your life, so come along …

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Regrets, we’ve had a few …

… but then again too few to mention?

The latest Fankle is on its way to the printers but that’s no reason not to start thinking about the next issue! The theme is ‘Je ne regrette …’  and with a deadline of January 31st we’re hoping that new year and its chance for reflection might trigger a few ideas – but don’t wait until January if inspiration strikes now

As always, we’re looking for a slightly sideways approach to the theme if possible – it’s very hard to put together an issue that consists entirely of pieces entitled ‘Je ne regrette…’ – and anything that makes us laugh, makes us cry, makes us think, or wakes us up in the middle of the night staring into the abyss, will be looked on with a favourable eye.

You’ll find full details of how to submit here.

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New Theme – Gunpowder, Treason and Plot…

The latest issue is almost ready – it’s been delayed by, well, summer (and the wrong kind of leaves on the line) but we thought we’d jump the gun and announce the next theme to give everyone a chance to get writing before the end of October deadline: Gunpowder, treason and plot.

It’s barely autumn now, but it will be bonfire season before you know it, so get plotting, see what sparks up – and don’t forget that time is treacherous and will betray you by sneaking those deadlines up on you before you know it.

All the information about submitting is here.

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If you Go into the Woods Today…

As someone who’s always thought that the Teddy Bear’s Picnic was the most sinister of songs (it’s never quite clear what – or who – is on the menu …) I wasn’t surprised that our Into the Woods issue attracted some dark imaginings from the writers of Dumfries and Galloway. There were no carnivorous teddy bears, but there was everything else from intimations of mortality to actual, quite violent, mortality.

We had a bumper submission and some hard choices had to be made, but it means we’ve put together a great issue. Best of all, we’ve got a couple of new (to us, anyway) writers in there – always a pleasure to discover talented new voices.

If you want to get your hands on a copy you could do worse than pop up at the latest WagTongues  in Castle Douglas on 22nd and 23rd May.

And don’t forget the theme for our next issue is “The Truth Is…” We can hardly wait to find out

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Truth or Dare…

Issue 24 is heading out as we speak – details coming soon – but first we thought we’d let you know the theme for the next issue: The Truth Is…

We’re sure that will lift the lid on all sorts of unexpected secrets (and remember, you can always submit under a nom de plume…) Send us your truth – literal, fictional, poetical by 30th July.

Here’s how to submit.

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