Issue 1 – out May 2010

Issue One of the Fankle will hit the shops and other outlets across the county in time for Spring Fling and the Dumfries and GallowayArts Festival

In this issue:

  • Lynn Otty
  • Sally Hinchcliffe
  • Aideen Foley
  • Betty Tindal
  • Gwen Kirkwood
  • Isobel Prowse

Edited by Sally Hinchcliffe, designed by Hugh Bryden

A prayer to St. Jerome (the patron saint of writers)

the will to set aside the time,

the space in which to do so,

the discipline to carry on,

the powers of observation to record,

the imagination to convert,

the inspiration to move,

the skill to put on paper,

the objectivity to edit,

the confidence to deliver,

the appreciation of success,

the tolerance of failure,

the wisdom to recognise

when to start and when to stop.

Aideen Foley

1 Response to Issue 1 – out May 2010

  1. Vivien Jones says:

    Well done, Dumfries Writers – what a clever idea, an origami literary magazine. I shall look forward to reading it.

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