Issue 24 – Into the Woods

Dumfries and Galloway is not short of tree cover, which, when you read this edition, may not be the blessing it at first seems. For, if this issue is anything to go by, the woods are dark places, dark places indeed …

From a reimagining of Red Riding Hood, to a sighting of the little folk – by way of the invention of golf back in the distant past and a dystopian future where the only jungle left is the urban one, this is an issue packed with talent.  With poetry by Donald Adamson, Sarah Zillwood, Kriss Nichol, Roland Glover, Kat Edwards and Leonie Ewing and prose by Miller Caldwell, Juanita McNeish, Tina Waterman-Roberts, Jayne Baldwin, Tamara Conlan and Paula JT Nicolson

Pick up your copy, take it out into the woods, and lose yourself in it – and if you hear a strange rustling noise deeper in, don’t whatever you do go and investigate….


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