Issue 18 – Down by the Water

November / December 2013

The last of our ‘four elements’ series brings us ‘Down by the Water’ and a reflective mood from our contributors. From an ode to a seagull to a paean on the joys of iced water by way of a tribute to Scotland’s own coastline, it’s a real cracker of an issue.

Yet again we’ve got both new-to-us voices (is there no end to the depth of talent in Dumfries and Galloway?) and old favourites with work by:

  • Linda Powell
  • Margaret Carruthers
  • Vivien Jones
  • Gillian Hardstone
  • Gillian Mellor
  • JoAnne McKay
  • Isobel Prowse
  • Anne Dunford
  • Donald Adamson
  • Claire Watts

Issue 19 will be another flash fiction special – we had a huge response to that last time so we’re looking forward to more tales in miniature of love, loss, laughter and betrayal – and anything else our contributors can throw at us

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