Issue 16 – Down to Earth

Issue 16 – May/June 2013, edited by Sally Hinchcliffe and Lesley Jackson, designed by Hugh Bryden

Issue 16 (sweet sixteen already…) was down to earth and for once it hasn’t been a darker issue than I imagined. OK, so there are two funerals, and one ‘rock bottom’ but then there’s also a sense of groundedness – in place and in the imagination.

We’re delighted too to have three new (to us) authors join the rolls of what you might loosely call the ‘usual suspects’.

  • Sarah Zillwood
  • Betty Tindall
  • Jayne Baldwin
  • Lesley Jackson
  • Juanita McNeish
  • Isobel Prowse
  • Kriss Nichol
  • Miller Caldwell
  • Jane Richardson
  • Claire Watts

Get your hands on a copy and you too can discover someone new.

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