The Fankle Goes International!

We’re still putting together the latest issue (and apologies to everyone who has submitted and is waiting patiently for our response – we’ve had a few hiccups mainly due to lack of mojo on the line) but we must share exciting news – we’re going German!

Water, Pond, Sculpture, Child, Children, Fig, Gifhorn

Image via Pixabay 

As you all undoubtedly know, Dumfries is twinned with Gifhorn in Germany and in June there will be a cultural exchange – taking the work of Dumfries’s writers and artists across the North Sea to Germany. Naturally, this will include issues of the Fankle – including the next issue, a specially produced ‘twinning’ production. We may even be able to have one or two of the pieces translated into German, so it could be your chance to go truly multilingual.

The theme will be ‘twins’ but don’t feel it has to be specifically about Germany or Gifhorn. However our ties with Europe will be much on our minds with the coming referendum, so who knows what may emerge. We’re hoping that whatever it is stops short of a diplomatic incident …

The deadline is the end of April, so get writing. Usual submission guidelines apply

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