Issue 17 – Fired Up

September/October 2013

fired up

We return from the summer break with Issue 17, the third of our four elements series, with ‘fired up’ as the theme. In what must be a first for the Fankle there are no deaths (though one near miss) and no funerals, not even a cremation. Instead there’s love, adventure, freedom … and coffee, all packed into one handy origami format. Once more we’ve got new-to-us writers along with the old lags, with prose and poetry from:

  • Lesley Jackson
  • Jayne Baldwin
  • Kriss Nichol
  • David Mark Williams
  • Lynn Otty
  • Vivien Jones
  • Gillian Mellor
  • Margaret Carruthers and
  • Sally Hinchcliffe

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