Issue 7 – Over a Barrel

The Fankle bounces back after an extensive summer break and a reorganisation – and with a cracking first issue for the year. Loosely themed around barrels (whose contents of course have been a source of inspiration and ruination for poets and writers everywhere) it has triggered some great pieces from John Horn, Isobel Prowse, Lynn Otty, Kriss Nichol, Alan Clark, Anne Dunford, Betty Tindal, JoAnne MacKay and Fankle newcomer Catherine Lang. This issue was edited by Sally Hinchcliffe with Dorothy MacIver as the guest editor, and designed as ever by the multi-talented Hugh Bryden.

From this year, the Fankle will be widely available for sale in libraries across Dumfries and Galloway making it even easier to get your hands on a copy – see our list of stockists for details.

2 Responses to Issue 7 – Over a Barrel

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