Issue 12 – Coming and Going

Get it before it’s gone…

Issue 12 of the Fankle will be out tomorrow – you’ll be able to get a hold of a copy at all the normal places, and also at the Wigtown Fringe. We’re delighted to feature some work by brand new (to us) writers David Tollick, Roland Glover, Lesley Jackson and Cameron Murray as well as familiar talents JoAnne McKay, Vivien Jones, Sarah Zilwood and Linda Powell.

As ever the writing edges towards the dark, the melancholy and (there’s always one) the joyful – all packed into the ‘pamhplet with a hole’.

I would die on a secret hill /arms and legs spread-eagled,/at peace with the wild heather. (Leonie Ewing, Sky Burial)

Next issue will be a flash fiction special – 250 words max, but the shorter the better. See our submission guidelines for information on how to submit.

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