And it’s Out!

Actually, we didn’t really set a release date for this first issue of the Fankle, so it’s sort of dribbled out. But it’s now out in most of our stockists, or will be in the next few days. And, for those of you who’ve subscribed, copies will be going out shortly.

Phew. Now we just need to get going on the next issue

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1 Response to And it’s Out!

  1. wightworld says:

    The FANKLE made it up north!! We spent a happy sunny tea break reading it, folding it, unfolding it, folding it again, marvelling at the engineering of the folding etc etc. Well done to all and we look forward to the next issue. If you want to see a picture of someone actually reading it (while weighed down by a dog who is more interested in scaring a nest of house sparrows) go to (you might have to flick back a couple of pages to find the appropriate picture as posts are added daily.)
    Anyway – congratulations to all in the Deep South from those in the Far North.

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