Folding Party

Many thanks to all those members of the writers’ group who gathered yesterday to help cut and fold the first issue of the Fankle, which is now back from the printers and almost ready for distribution.

One-and-a-half hours’ worth of folding, unfolding, refolding, cutting, smoothing, gossipping, counting, complaining and stacking later we retired with our sore thumbs to the pub to rehydrate ourselves after a thirsty evening’s work

The Fankles should be hitting the shops any time now…

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1 Response to Folding Party

  1. Hi Sally I have just got around to looking at your additions to the Fankle site. I’m sure I am not alone in appreciating the time and effort you and Hugh have put in. Being lazy about these things can I ask you to do one more wee task please – i.e. can you add the url to your signature when you email the group so that we only need to double click on it.
    Keeping count – I have taken three boxes of ten to Studio Six, Georgetown library and Drummuir Ice Cream.
    Many thanks and best wishes

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